Monday, March 31, 2008

USA TODAY - the latest, click here

So they published it! And also Seth's response. So if you wanna read that, click up there. 

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Poster for Meet Bill

I'm surprisingly happy with this. I thought I'd look totally terrible next to Jessica Alba. I look older than her but geez, I am. So that's fine, right? 

My last (unpublished as-of-yet) USA TODAY postcard from the set

The following statement always sounds crazy to anybody who does not work in the movie business: making a movie is boring 90% of the time. 

Just like any job, it has its ups and downs. I've found the per-hour formula to be about 40 minutes of nada, 5 minutes of prep for actual work and 15 minutes of working. It works the same no matter who you are on set - the gaffer only works 10 minutes per hour, the costumer works 10, the camera loader, the script supervisor, the hair and make-up team - everybody on set works part of an hour, filling the time until a movie gets made. But everybody needs something else to do for a good chunk of any given day. That's why actors want huge trailers and exotic shooting locales - to stave off the unavoidable boredom.

Despite the exciting title, "Zack & Miri Make A Porno" is mostly "Zack & Miri Hang Around Set Debating the Hit Series LOST." We are obsessed with this ABC show - is Ben ultimately good or evil? Can Desmond time-travel? Should Kate be with Jack or Sawyer? On this point, I argue the show is doing it perfectly. Kate gets to have her cake and eat it too. Both guys love her, she could have either one if she put her mind to it or both at once probably. To choose would not only kill the debate but also the excitement and mystery. That Michael was Ben's "Man on the Boat" was a constant source of debate, although also the worst-kept secret of the show so far. I could go on. On set, I do. On and on. Until Kevin makes us shut it because the last episode is still unwatched on his TIVO. 

Another time-killer might be "Zack & Miri Re-cast Old Movies With New Actors." Or "Zack & Miri Debate the Best SNL Skits of All-time." Or "Zack & Miri Take A Nap." You get the idea. So if you ever visit a set, bring your pop-culture A-game (and maybe Boggle). You will die of boredom without them.

From Porno to the White House

As many of you have heard, I'll be playing Laura Bush in Oliver Stone's biopic currently titled "W." I have nothing but admiration and respect for the First Lady and I hope my portrayal honors her. Although, as my friend said, "prepare to get audited." So I'm also scared shitless. See the link for deets.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We wrapped!

We wrapped principle photography on Zack & Miri and I am so so sad to see it end. This is me and our "giant" Assistant Director, Milos at our wrap party in Pittsburgh. 

USA TODAY - the original postcard

Seth Rogen and I have been helping USA Today sell papers or something. So the link is their edited version of the following text. Here's the original: 

When you make a movie called "Zack & Miri Make A Porno," journalists who like to think they are clever (that's all of them, it goes without saying) will invariably ask, "did you do any research for the role (wink-wink)?" They want to know if I watched porn to prepare. Or rather, they want me to say that I did so they can print something slightly scandalous. I'm sorry for them that the only extra research I did to prepare for playing Miri was of a much more wholesome variety. 

I learned to knit. And "pearl" too! That' insider knitting lingo. I should know. I did the research. See, Miri is a knitter. So I met a friend, a master knitter, at a Studio City yarn store where we picked out yarn and needles. I chatted with the girls who work there since Miri works at a yarn kiosk in a mall. They had a lot of opinions concerning what somebody's first project should be - they thought it was very ambitious of me to consider a scarf. A little while later at a Hollywood coffee shop, my friend helped me to "cast on" and I've been knitting ever since. My first scarf was a bit of a mess but that's also very Miri-like since she's not supposed to be very good at anything. But, oh, my second scarf! It's a masterpiece in wool! 

As for the porn, let's just say I didn't go out of my way to learn anything new about it. We live in a pretty sexed-up society. Paris Hilton got famous in amateur pornography. CBS is broadcasting a couples version of "Big Brother" with lots of action between the sheets, shot in night-vision. The governor of New York just got caught paying a female escort. People are fornicating all over the place. I already knew this. The worst thing an actor can do is judge the character they play. Who am I to judge a coupla down-on-their-luck misfits who decide to pursue an offshoot of the oldest profession, especially since, in their words, "they already know how to do it?" No research necessary. 

Friday, March 7, 2008

"Zack & Miri Make A Porno" in USA Today

Check out these postcards from the set of "Zack & Miri Make A Porno" in USA Today. Get psyched.