Friday, September 19, 2008

Save Women's Healthcare - Read This, Act Now!

Click the link to read the op-ed piece written by two women I profoundly admire: Hillary Clinton and Cecile Richards (daughter of Ann, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America). 

The Bush Administration has carefully encouraged the construction of legislation that erodes women's rights to quality healthcare in this country. In an attempt to inject their morality into the healthcare decisions of women, they potentially put millions of women and girls at risk and may even raise the abortion rate. Without access to safe, quality contraception and information beyond abstinence-only teachings, what exactly do they expect women to do? 

Sarah Palin's daughter proves that it is human nature to have sex (despite what mama told her!) - it's how we keep the human race going! But I'm not just talking about young, scared, unmarried girls. What are young married couples supposed to do? Have a kid every time they have sex? Women would be back to barefoot and pregnant in no time flat or else in very unhappy, sexless marriages. Not to mention the cost of children on young families starting out. 

I thank my parents, my public school sex education classes, and Planned Parenthood for teaching me that every child should be wanted and that there should be no shame associated with my sexuality. Help America protect the welfare of all her citizens by visiting to protest the Bush Administration's latest attack on women's health.