Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So I'm hanging with 50 Cent....

.... yeah, you read that right (I even have a photo to prove it which I can't post without incurring the wrath of Oliver Stone). So Fiddy and Val (Kilmer, let me pick that name up off the floor) visited us on the set of "W." I love these two guys. Love. 

First off, Val Kilmer is hilarious. "Real Genius" anyone? I wanna see him in more comedy. "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"?? Val + gay + gun x Downey, Jr = better than the shot of Monaghan's boobs, by far. He is the highlight of that flick.

Second, Fiddy is wearing this watch, right? I spy it from across the patio we're all standing on and I think to myself, "that's gotta be Prada or maybe one of those amazing Japanese watches with the digital numbers." Basically, I'm thinking it's the hottest watch I've ever seen. So I go over and tell him and we admire the watch and you know what? It's from Macy's. And it's not expensive. He can have any watch in the world (and I've seen the pics, he has them) yet he wears this totally, as it turns out, modest piece cuz, you know, it's Tuesday or whatever and why does he have to be a big show-off? I love it. And I am buying me that watch and no, I'm not telling ya'll the brand name cuz then everyone will run out and buy it and then it won't be my "me-n-Fiddy-only" watch. You'll have to go to Macy's and guess.