Friday, November 7, 2008

MADONNA - Dodger Stadium - Front Row, Bitches!

Last night I worshipped at Dodger Stadium, known for one night only as the Cathedral of Madonna. 

It was insane. That woman, who is 50!, has endless amounts of energy and put on an amazing show. Tons of hits from her entire career. Ray of Light. Music. Like A Prayer. Dress You Up. Britney and Justin joined her onstage (at different times - don't get too excited) to thunderous applause. 

Front row included me (if you are a girl who grew up in the 80s you have to agree that's a dream come true), Drew Barrymore, Carla Gugino, Lucy Liu, JLO, Heidi Klum - I danced my arse off and it was a blast. Thank you, Madonna, for putting on such a sick show. How happy do I look in that pic?