Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Uninvited & other random crap

As you have all guessed by now, I am completely computer illiterate. At least, I am especially not blog savvy. I don't even know how to make these pictures look better. Anyway, go see The Uninvited, it opens Friday, January 30th. It is a cool movie. I try to only make cool movies. I think I've established a decent track record so you can trust me. This one is cool. And scary but in a good way. And I play a badass. Which was fun for me and hopefully for you to watch. 

Thank you, MySpace peeps, for checking in. I know I'm supposed to be on Facebook (and maybe I am under a crazy pseudonym!) but I can only handle so much incoming. And I'm not psyched by the "why don't you add me, bitch?" pokes or whatever from perfect strangers. I can't get to everything. I'm sorry. Believe me, I love the passion of fans and I appreciate any interest, I do. So let's agree I'm doing my best here and I'm not ignoring you or ungrateful. We're all busy. Personally, I realized about 3 years ago that I will be tired for the next 20 years. Non-stop. Exhausted. 

I am actually writing this on a little down-time from making L'Oreal commercials. I'm pretty psyched about them. I love this company. And I have to go to bed soon so I don't have nasty puffy eyes with dark circles under them. Since, like I said, I like this job and want to keep it. 

Oh, I saw Vince Neil on the street today. Yup, formerly of Motley Crue, foe of Axl Rose, Surreal Life "star" and strip poker afficionado, Vince Neil. In front of a Beverly Hills nail shop. I can only presume he was waiting his turn for a buff and shine. Love that guy.