Monday, March 30, 2009


I almost wrote, "I'm a cover girl" but then panicked that the L'oreal people might get annoyed ..... but anyways, I'm on the May cover of LUCKY magazine and I am feeling pretty lucky that it turned out as fresh as it did since I shot this sucker the day after the Oscars (I was what the docs refer to as "crapulent" about 8 hours prior to arrival - it's real, look it up). 

So thank you to Stewart Shining (photog) and the hair and make-up crew and coffee for making this possible. Also thank you to the folds in the yellow dress for making my boobs look big(ger than reality). 

And they let me keep those earrings! Which is pretty hot (note I am wearing them in the Vegas pics too). 

Buy the mag (to make me seem cool so I can be on other covers and also if you wanna see the inside pics)!