Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Role, New hair

Some before and after pics - I'm a brunette again!

I'll be playing a convicted murderess opposite Russell Crowe in Paul Haggis's new film. He did "Crash". Psyched to be back in Pittsburgh where we shot Zach & Miri Make a Porno. Thanks Rain, for coming down to welcome me, remind me just where I'm at and which season I'm entering. Just so I won't be confused with my home in LA where it's sunny and 90 degrees.

The G20 is here this week and there is a military-like staging area just behind where I'm staying. There's cops everywhere. Riot gear. Let's hope for a peace-filled week.

Thanks to the Allegheny County Jail staff for allowing me an all-access tour of their facility today. They have an immaculate, well-run institution. It was fascinating. And thanks to the inmates with whom I spoke so candidly. I wish them well, whatever brought them to that place. They were watching a Cuba Gooding Jr. movie when I came in but nobody minded when we paused it.

Note in the brunette pic - no make-up!